vauxlair, australian, homes, fashion, style, sydney, bondi, tamarama, interior, wooden table, white floors,(Matty Bouris’ ridiculously cool Tamarama apartment.)

If like me, you get off on perving on the homes people that are cooler, and more creative than you could ever hope to be, then you will love Vauxlair. An Aussie website that explores the homes of trendy young Australians, with a bit of a fondness for what I would lovingly describe as ‘Bondi Hipsters’.

Vauxlair has a refreshingly lo-fi vibe,  the houses aren’t over styled and it’s got a chilled, people actually live here feel, all the way down to the dirty dishes in the sink! Which you know, is what’s missing from so many of the big blogs that do this kind of thing, they are just shooting contrived vignettes and spotless houses with no TV’s in the lounge room. It’s uninspiring and frankly it makes me feel like I should put down the computer and go clean the kitchen, ya know incase someone stops by to photograph it! Vauxlair is the opposite, Vauxlair is keeping it real. It’s kinda like the Selby, when it was good.

Vauxlair, seems to have some pretty cool friends too, having snapped the houses of one half of Flight Facilities James Lyall, pro surfer Dion Agius and my fave Bondi Hipster, Pip Edwards from Sass and Bide.

It’s a voyeuristic insight into the lives of some rad young Aussies and I can’t get enough of it!

Babushka dolls, dolls, babushka, skulls, day of the day, home, interiors, Vauxlair, Sylve Colless, sydney, bondi, hipster(Syle Colless’s rad day of the dead babushka dolls)

Vauxlair, Sydney, Bondi, Hipster, Home, Interiors, Cool, Rad, Awesome, Epic, Maddie Daisy Dixon, Paddington, Bed, Candle, Pillows, White,(Maddie Daisy Dixon’s awesome Paddington apartment)

Vauxlair, Sydney, Bondi, Hipster, Home, Interiors, Cool, Rad, Awesome, Epic, Srna Vuckovic, polariod, photos on the wall, photos, (Srna Vuckovic’s happy snaps)

Vauxlair, Sydney, Bondi, Hipster, Home, Interiors, Cool, Rad, Awesome, Epic, Sylve Colless, american flag, flowers, purple flowers, love pillow, couch throw,(Sylve Colless lookin pretty rad


Gold on the Ceiling

gold lame, metalic knit, polyvore, maxi skirt, grunge, unif, jesus loves you so I dont have to, sass and bide
1. Unif Jesus Loves You Tee
2. Sass and Bide – Lip Service Bag
3. MINKPINK – Foiled Plans Jumper
4. Wittner – Rise Boots
5. Hamish Munro – Rope Necklace
6. House of Harlow – Sunburst Ring
7. Top Shop – Wrap Skirt

Metallic Knitwear, a mullet skirt, a kilim bag! This outfit is whoring out more trends than I know what to do with. But damn I do not give a flying f*ck, I love mixing up grungy pieces with serious bling. Its kinda like the MK & A hobbo chic look, you weren’t really sure why loved it so much, but damn it you did and you a cupboard full of flannelette shirts and oversized cardi’s to prove it. Bare legs in winter is pretty bullshit, but I think if you were going to do it, this would be the best way… aka with chunky boots that you can fit your hole proof explorers in to and thick jumper that has been matted with gold paint to stop the wind coming in. If you were real trendy you could even throw on a beanie.

Metallic Knits

metallic, gold, silver, knit, knitwear, lame, minkpink, harper and harley, nude lucy

// Harper and Harley // Could I Have That // MinkPink // Pinterest // Among the Narcissi // Pinterest //

Metallic knits seem to be this winters hot ticket item. They’ve been popping up all over the place and I am so keen to try this style. The cutest ones I have seen so far are the MINKPINK Foiled Plans Jumper and the Nude Lucy Metallic Jumper in Gold Lurex. I’d wear it with black jeans, a khaki jacket and some SMALL gold accessories. I think the key to look is dressing it down for day time with jeans and simple colours and fabrics. I wouldn’t go to wild with any prints, but that’s just me; if you want to rock it with floral leggings then all the power to you!

metallic, jeans, ksubi, minkpink, nude lucy, style stalker, army, parker, wittners, sass and bide

1. MINKPINK – Foiled Plans Jumper
2. Ksubi – Black Night Spray On Jeans
3. Wittner – Rise Boots
4. Sass and Bide – Lip Service Bag
5. Style Stalker – Rebellion Parker

Floral Motel Jeans

I need to get these amazing floral Motel jeans in my life now!

$105 from Glue store… worth it?

Hells yes!

Sexy Sweaters

sexy sweaters, lady gaga, grunge style, barbie, cross


Sexy Sweaters began when Alec Weitl started photoshopping images on to sweater templates, creating some pretty rad look threads. He then forwarded them to his high school BFF Greta Gibbens, they created a Tumblr and the rest is meme history. The whole sexy sweaters idea has really taken off with pretty much everyone with access to photoshop giving it a go. But you know this is serious shiz cause Sexy Sweaters have made it on to Know Your Meme.

But enough about the technical, who, what and where. They are seriously cool looking jumpers and who in the hell wouldn’t want to have Lindsay Lohan emblazoned across their chest?

Unfortunately you can’t buy the jumpers yet as most of their designs would be super exxy to print. However according to their Tumblr “we hope to start selling some of these in the future, but nothing’s been decided yet.” so we can all live in hope!

sexy sweaters, rhianna, grunge, where the wild things are

sexy sweaters, floral jumper, floral fashion, floral style, deathly hallows, lindsay lohan, lilo,

Get the look- Jess Hart

Jess Hart, Fashion, Leopard, Army Jacket, Grunge, Style

Queen of luxe grunge, Jess Hart, nails it again with this killer outfit. Super laid back but totally styling, she works leopard print and khaki well to dress up a plain outfit.

Get the look for yourself below:

1. MinkPink- Skinny Tank
2. Ksubi- Black Night Spray On Jeans
3. MinkPink- Amnesia Anorak
4. Witchery- Leopard Scarf
5. Chloe- Marcie Bag
6. Wittner- Rise Boots
7. Selima Optique- Amanda

Still obsessing


Like a Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone

She is a punk rocker

She is a punk rocker

Jess Hart 3×1

(source: papermag)


Check out this pic from the opening night of denim brand 3×1 and there collaboration with photographer Ben Watts. Watts took some sexy snaps of Jessica Hart as well as Lake Bell, Chanel Iman, Behati Prinsloo, and Elsa Hosk to adorn limited editions skateboards the brands are selling for charity. Jess Harts’ was far and away the best board (check out the puppy!) and she looked amazing at the opening too – good work Australia!

If you’re keen you can purchase Jess’ board here.