vauxlair, australian, homes, fashion, style, sydney, bondi, tamarama, interior, wooden table, white floors,(Matty Bouris’ ridiculously cool Tamarama apartment.)

If like me, you get off on perving on the homes people that are cooler, and more creative than you could ever hope to be, then you will love Vauxlair. An Aussie website that explores the homes of trendy young Australians, with a bit of a fondness for what I would lovingly describe as ‘Bondi Hipsters’.

Vauxlair has a refreshingly lo-fi vibe,  the houses aren’t over styled and it’s got a chilled, people actually live here feel, all the way down to the dirty dishes in the sink! Which you know, is what’s missing from so many of the big blogs that do this kind of thing, they are just shooting contrived vignettes and spotless houses with no TV’s in the lounge room. It’s uninspiring and frankly it makes me feel like I should put down the computer and go clean the kitchen, ya know incase someone stops by to photograph it! Vauxlair is the opposite, Vauxlair is keeping it real. It’s kinda like the Selby, when it was good.

Vauxlair, seems to have some pretty cool friends too, having snapped the houses of one half of Flight Facilities James Lyall, pro surfer Dion Agius and my fave Bondi Hipster, Pip Edwards from Sass and Bide.

It’s a voyeuristic insight into the lives of some rad young Aussies and I can’t get enough of it!

Babushka dolls, dolls, babushka, skulls, day of the day, home, interiors, Vauxlair, Sylve Colless, sydney, bondi, hipster(Syle Colless’s rad day of the dead babushka dolls)

Vauxlair, Sydney, Bondi, Hipster, Home, Interiors, Cool, Rad, Awesome, Epic, Maddie Daisy Dixon, Paddington, Bed, Candle, Pillows, White,(Maddie Daisy Dixon’s awesome Paddington apartment)

Vauxlair, Sydney, Bondi, Hipster, Home, Interiors, Cool, Rad, Awesome, Epic, Srna Vuckovic, polariod, photos on the wall, photos, (Srna Vuckovic’s happy snaps)

Vauxlair, Sydney, Bondi, Hipster, Home, Interiors, Cool, Rad, Awesome, Epic, Sylve Colless, american flag, flowers, purple flowers, love pillow, couch throw,(Sylve Colless lookin pretty rad


España Style

Model Sheila Màrquez’s Brooklyn apartment is frickin awesome! Her skateboard collection and that low lying bed and the minimal colour pallet are all giving me mass apartment envy. I’m also lusting after those amazing Givenchy heels!  Some ducks have all the luck!

Cross the tracks

This is how conversions should be done! By Atlanta architects Brian Bell and David Yoachim of bldgs. Via Desire to Inspire.

Navajo Print

(source: notesondesign)





I am loving subtle Navajo accents at the moment. It has a very laid back, threadbare, Venice beach style to it that I am totally into. I’ve always been a fan of the 1960’s Venice beach skate and surf scene since I saw Lords of Dog Town when I was 15, I totally fell in love. I have a framed picture of Jay Adams from the cover of Juice magazine hanging in my bedroom and I recon a few Navajo pillows on my bed would work quite well. Speaking of 60’s Dog Town I recently ordered a copy of ‘Locals Only’ by Hugh Holland. Hugh documented the skateboarders and surfers of the Dog Town scene back in the 60’s and now his sun bleached photos that documented an era have been collected in to a photographic book ‘Locals Only’.

I’ll post about it more when it arrives!