Three Bags Full


On a cool summer morning in the hipster suburb of Fitzroy, in between open for inspections, Dani and I made our first trip to Three Bags Full. Having heard only good things about it for the last 2 years our expectations were high to say the least. We arrived at 10am and were greeted by a line running half the length of the block, which of course is to be expected at any reputable café at 10am on a Saturday morning. As we stood in line I took the opportunity to do a little people watching, doctor types in an array of brightly coloured lycra gear sat next to tv stars from mildly successful Australian sit-coms; while Land Rovers lined the streets, the occupants of which sent the queue all most the entire length of the block. Once upon a time it was rare to see the Toorak Tractor so far North of the Yarra, but times certainly have changed. After 20 minutes we were seated the waitress took our drinks order and left us to pour over the menu. I was tossing up between the Smoked Trout Omlette, which is considered by Three Bags Full to be vegetarian— not sure how that works— and the Twice Baked French Toast. I decide to go with the French toast, while Dani went for the Atlantic Eggs on Toast. Even though it was wolfed down in about 10 seconds as we rushed off to our next inspection it was a bloody good feed. The toast was thick and soft, while the rhubarb and mascarpone were a beautiful combination that was neither to sweet nor to heavy. Dani was a fan of her Atlantic Eggs, the salmon and softly poached eggs looked delicious! After our meal we headed inside to pay and our waitress had arranged two take away coffees on the house for us as our order had taken rather a long time to come out! It’s gestures like that, that separate the good from the great and Three Bags Full is certainly one of the greats.





Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach. Campbell Parade. Gould St Shopping. Hotel Bondi. Icebergs. Take me back.

all photos via Andy Solo Pinterest

Northcote Nights


Last night M and me decided to go for a few drinks and make the most of the nice weather we are having! We went to the Wesley Anne in Northcote, it’s about 10 mins from my house. Northcote used to be a bit of a ghetto up until about 10 years ago, when all the artists and creative types got prices out of Fitzroy. Now they are all living in Northcote and bring with them all the great restaurants and live music venues. High St is always pumping, there is always some new indie band playing a set at 303 or a bunch of skaters filming a demo. It’s like got that same vibe that Fitzroy had when I was a kid before all the doctors and lawyers moved in.

The Wesley Anne is a great place to visit if your ever in Northcote. It is an old church that has been converted in to a restaurant/ bar/ bandroom. You’ll find all types of people there, I mean I found the Wesley Anne through friends of my parents! I always try and get a seat in the beer garden, it’s pretty massive with a painted combi van out there it’s the best way to enjoy a balmy Melbourne evening. They also have 2 for 1 meals between 5 and 6 weekdays which is definitely worth getting around!


So last night I took my friends E and L to Taco Truck for dinner. I’ve never been before but all my cool indy friends love it, pretty much its a truck that sells tacos, it moves around from place to place everyday. They do nachos and burritos, you have to make sure you get there early so they don’t sell out, but its worth it! They are so tasty and the super super hot sauce is a must!

If your in Melbs you can find out where the Taco Truck will be via their Facebook or Twitter