Sexy Sweaters

sexy sweaters, lady gaga, grunge style, barbie, cross


Sexy Sweaters began when Alec Weitl started photoshopping images on to sweater templates, creating some pretty rad look threads. He then forwarded them to his high school BFF Greta Gibbens, they created a Tumblr and the rest is meme history. The whole sexy sweaters idea has really taken off with pretty much everyone with access to photoshop giving it a go. But you know this is serious shiz cause Sexy Sweaters have made it on to Know Your Meme.

But enough about the technical, who, what and where. They are seriously cool looking jumpers and who in the hell wouldn’t want to have Lindsay Lohan emblazoned across their chest?

Unfortunately you can’t buy the jumpers yet as most of their designs would be super exxy to print. However according to their Tumblr “we hope to start selling some of these in the future, but nothing’s been decided yet.” so we can all live in hope!

sexy sweaters, rhianna, grunge, where the wild things are

sexy sweaters, floral jumper, floral fashion, floral style, deathly hallows, lindsay lohan, lilo,

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