Matt Corby at the Corner

My best friends house mate is a bit of pretentious muso, to put it nicely. As we were getting ready to go to see Matt Corby at the Corner Hotel he was telling us about this music festival he has organised. It was in a small town in the middle of nowhere, with bands I’d never heard of and they ran out of beer half way through. He was then telling us that he was thinking of getting Matt Corby to play at the festival next year. He asked us if he had a much of a following… Well he sold out 4 shows at the Corner Hotel and his song ‘Brother’ came in 3rd in Triple J’s hottest 100, so yeh I guess he does have a bit of a following. I’m sure he’d love to play your festival though!

So Matt Corby at the Corner Hotel… one word – AMAZING. The kid can sing, there is no doubt. He got his break on Idol, coming second i believe, thankfully he has hasn’t faded into obscurity like so many other idol ‘stars’. He has signed with Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons label Communion and after taking nearly a year off to work in a cafe and write songs he released his EP – Into the Flame. Take a few minutes to check out the video below of Matt’s cover of The Black Keys, Lonely Boy… it is a beautiful piece of music.

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