Disney Bound

Disney Bound – Where fashion geeks and Disney nerds collide.

How can I put this Disney Bound is the greatest thing to happen to the internet since Net-a-Potter… no wait, since Pottermore. Leslie Kalbfleisch puts together the most amazing outfits inspired by pretty much every disney character there ever was, at last count her Tumblr was at 473 pages. She doesn’t just do Disney, she has done a Harry Potter line and recently a Star Wars line too. Her designs are off the charts amazing, check out the Hedgwig outfit above! Now I am bona-fide Harry Potter geek and the breadth of characters that she has done are amazing, Moaning Mertle, Lupin, Umbridge she has even done Hogwarts at Christmas!

If you haven’t already get over to Disney Bound right now!

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  1. The rings are awesome!


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