Matt Corby at the Corner

My best friends house mate is a bit of pretentious muso, to put it nicely. As we were getting ready to go to see Matt Corby at the Corner Hotel he was telling us about this music festival he has organised. It was in a small town in the middle of nowhere, with bands I’d never heard of and they ran out of beer half way through. He was then telling us that he was thinking of getting Matt Corby to play at the festival next year. He asked us if he had a much of a following… Well he sold out 4 shows at the Corner Hotel and his song ‘Brother’ came in 3rd in Triple J’s hottest 100, so yeh I guess he does have a bit of a following. I’m sure he’d love to play your festival though!

So Matt Corby at the Corner Hotel… one word – AMAZING. The kid can sing, there is no doubt. He got his break on Idol, coming second i believe, thankfully he has hasn’t faded into obscurity like so many other idol ‘stars’. He has signed with Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons label Communion and after taking nearly a year off to work in a cafe and write songs he released his EP – Into the Flame. Take a few minutes to check out the video below of Matt’s cover of The Black Keys, Lonely Boy… it is a beautiful piece of music.



Pomona is a great little cafe that has recently opened up just down the road from my friend’s place in Preston. We have been their for brunch almost every weekend for the past month! There bircher muesli is absolutely to die for with poached rhubarb and almonds its my favourite Melbourne muesli, second only to the AMAZING muesli at Globe Cafe in Prahran. Pomona do a killer coffee too, which is to be expected from any reputable cafe in Melbourne really. The other great thing about Pomona is that it never seems to be to busy, even on Sunday at 10am you can still get a table, which sure as hell beats queuing for 20 minutes to get a table at Three Bags Full.

I’m dreaming of…

I’m dreaming of a cup of earl grey tea is one of these gorgeous Rorschach inspired ink blot mugs and some Laduree macarons *Bliss *

Ten Times Rosie

I am such a fan of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, her sexy bedroom hair, her come hither eyes, her ridiculously luscious bee-stung lips. Its official. I have a girl crush. in light of this revelation I would like to take you back to where it all began: Ten Times Rosie by Rankin for Thomas Wylde.


Disney Bound

Disney Bound – Where fashion geeks and Disney nerds collide.

How can I put this Disney Bound is the greatest thing to happen to the internet since Net-a-Potter… no wait, since Pottermore. Leslie Kalbfleisch puts together the most amazing outfits inspired by pretty much every disney character there ever was, at last count her Tumblr was at 473 pages. She doesn’t just do Disney, she has done a Harry Potter line and recently a Star Wars line too. Her designs are off the charts amazing, check out the Hedgwig outfit above! Now I am bona-fide Harry Potter geek and the breadth of characters that she has done are amazing, Moaning Mertle, Lupin, Umbridge she has even done Hogwarts at Christmas!

If you haven’t already get over to Disney Bound right now!

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The Dealthy Hallows


Need to own this shirt! #HarryPotterFan

Navajo Print

(source: notesondesign)





I am loving subtle Navajo accents at the moment. It has a very laid back, threadbare, Venice beach style to it that I am totally into. I’ve always been a fan of the 1960’s Venice beach skate and surf scene since I saw Lords of Dog Town when I was 15, I totally fell in love. I have a framed picture of Jay Adams from the cover of Juice magazine hanging in my bedroom and I recon a few Navajo pillows on my bed would work quite well. Speaking of 60’s Dog Town I recently ordered a copy of ‘Locals Only’ by Hugh Holland. Hugh documented the skateboarders and surfers of the Dog Town scene back in the 60’s and now his sun bleached photos that documented an era have been collected in to a photographic book ‘Locals Only’.

I’ll post about it more when it arrives!














Hiding under the covers
With no one else to blame
You couldn’t help out your own neighbour
You couldn’t tell it to his face
You were f*cked up by the blame

Take Me Out to the Ball game